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Ain't I Just a Ray of Death?

Gary W. Olson
I suppose I ought to write something here. I wouldn't want you to think that I was an enormous, sentient computer from the Andromeda galaxy merely masquerading as a human to lull your suspicions until the time when my armada of conquering robot arachno-weasels reach Earth. No, that wouldn't do at all.

So. The basics. I'm a mid-forties, tall-looming, book-reading, cat-serving, Michigan-living, cheese-eating, beard-lacking data warehouse analyst and fiction writer--see my website, GaryWOlson.com for more information on the 'writer' part, and for news about my dark fantasy novel Brutal Light.

My Livejournal journal has been around since 11/5/2004, though all entries on both from 6/8/2012 onward are crossposted from my website's blog. Reply here or there, whatever strikes your fancy. The entries are also syndicated to Facebook via NetworkedBlogs, and there is an RSS feed, as well as my Livejournal and my Tumblr.

I'm also on Twitter and Facebook and Google+ and heaps and heaps of other places. See any page of my site on the right-side column under the "Me on the Intertubes" heading.

I am not a taco.
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